Learning JILL class Camouflage.

STARTLOG: 031011


Learning new movements and procedures is a big part of the transition from Jack class ship to a Jill. Some parts are obvious and expected, like the effects of the new estrogen hormones we are dumping into the Endocrine system. Those effects, while feeling a bit emotional and uncontrolled, are well documented. The folks over in the Emotional Control section are paying a lot more attention and have much wider range of responses and hair triggers on some things.

But what I am logging about today is some the learned skills of a Jill class and the dangers and difficulties of those.

First off, the ship is getting a new paint job every day or so. Applying camouflage paints, creams and colors to the face mostly although Jack and Allen have dealt with new paint jobs on the fingernails as well. This process of ‘make up’ is a controversial one even with other Jill class ships. The need for the paint or the concepts it represents have a ton of information behind it. But that’s work for the Logic and Social folks to work out.

The point is that currently the face camouflage is for hiding the Jack class aspects of the vessel that still remain. Think of it is a Stealth system. The ship is identified as a Jill more often with it.

With more electrolysis being done on the facial area we hope to need less of the Make Up stuff.  Dermont down in Outer Hull is against the continuing electrocution of the ship but we showed him some plans and schematics for the more serious stages of the retrofit and he just went all pale and started muttering about healing, tensile strength of skin and scars.

The proper camouflage levels are of the utmost importance, too much and you have a clown scenario, too little and there’s no effect at all. It’s a fine balance and both the aesthetics and the application operations are improving slowly. Some of the application acts are dangerous. Harry began screaming and running around like crazy when the mascara brush started coming at the eyes. I don’t need to explain all the horrors he had the imagination folks whip out in response to that.

One of the strange effects is that during various parts of the Make Up camouflage application, various parts of the face go slack. Nothing can stop it. When applying the mascara stuff the mouth just suddenly hangs open. the Food guy gets all interested but we wave him off as nothing in Make Up is really edible. (This has not been confirmed but we are going with that.)

Jack and Allen are trying their best to keep the hands steady but they are having to learn their way around the new claws, err, fingernails. These are an optional part of the refit, and they are easily removed but for now they stay. However they have created an unexpected issue.

The ship has slightly bad optics, the eyes fixed with aftermarket Contact Lenses and they do the job well enough. However removing them has turned into a struggle with both Jack and Allen doing the best to not jab the eyes while trying to remove the contacts every night.

Once again Larry see’s claws coming at the eyes, him freaking out, sedation, etcetera, etcetera.  I sometimes think he will eventually calm down but it’s just not in his nature.

I hope to make some new reports sooner rather than later and I will be focusing on the new protocols over in Emotion Control. Or as I call it, the crying game. Wow, that is so meta I think I hurt myself.


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