L- Bronte

Memory and Interpretation Signing onto Shift Change Log.

<BZZZZZZT – Crackle>

On.. ActivATE.  Hello?

Well if this thing is working again, I am both relieved and amazed.

FIRST: Massive changes were made.

SECOND: That is pretty much the understatement of the century. Like ‘There was a War, we dropped a bomb on Japan, the war stopped’. It get’s the point across but there is a lot of nuance left floating in the wind.

I will start from my personal change. Apparently I was not exempt from the shift change retrofit, I now see no reason why to think I would have been be. So I am no longer CREWLIZARD HEMINGWAY, I’m CREWLIZARD BRONTE. Or just Bronte. Personally fits me better and I don’t have strange urges to write extremely short stories about baby shoes anymore. Odd.

The point is we prepped the ship as best we could both mentally and Physically and we eventually just had to drug Larry unconscious. Strange thing, while every other crew Lizard has now been reassigned with proper female nomenclature, Larry has not been updated, and neither has his counterpart No-impulse control Harry. An investigation is ongoing.

ANYWAY. Everything up to the Facial Reconstruction retrofit in no way prepared the ship for the damage and the dramatic shift in outlook and perception of the world. The hormonal shifts were dramatic, yes, but they took time. The dressing in public was traumatic but something that we had some semblance of control over. Even the recorded emotional and social shifting was something that is plotted out and, if not followed perfectly, at least had a roadmap.

However, on June 12th the SHELBY   entered a full retrofit medical bay and they rebuilt the face.

Not a little.

Not a smidge.

They reshaped, cut down, reformed, broke and reset the facial area.

And the effect.. well it was like starting this whole Retrofitting Transition AGAIN. It cannot be overstated what the emotional effect is when the Lizards up in BRAIN command has the Eyeballs bring up an image of the SHELBY on the screens while looking in a mirror and every bit of software we have says “IMAGE NOT FOUND – RE: No Record of Ship.” I mean we KNOW it’s the SHELBY but… seriously. It’s hard to record the way the crew just sort of sat there staring at this Female class ship, bruised and slightly dazed looking back at us.

More on this later. Also there are rumors of some Video / Animated Logs being produced. No promises.

CREWLIZARD BRONTE – Signing off for the Shift Change.


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